Monopoly Big Event Online Slot Review

Monopoly Big Event Online Slot

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Developed by Barcrest games this is another slot game theme they can add to their peculiar section of their collection of games. Based on the ageless board game monopoly this slot brings the streets and characters to life on the reels and allows players a chance to win through property purchase on the reels. The symbols work well to this effect, creating a solid monopoly centred theme.

With Monopoly Big Event slot the bonus features play a big role in the available winnings process and additionally go a long way in perpetuating the overall theme. These include features like Wilds, multipliers and free spins, but of course delivered in a very Barcrest games and monopoly like fashion. Add to this the big bet bonus that incorporates a larger bet for higher and more oft returns.

Theme, Symbols and Betting with this Slot

Monopoly Big Event online slot is graphically well designed, with an impressive backdrop and a complimentary sound effect collection. Overall this makes for some immersive reels and engaging play. The symbols, like most slots, define the theme and appearance of the games and with those on the reels in Monopoly Big Event slot players will be quite entertained.

These include the classic monopoly playing characters like the dog, car and ship, all appearing quite resplendent in their boxes. The smaller wins are made up with the classic and rather common playing card symbols, each however themed toward this popular board game.

The betting in this 20 pay line Barcrest games slot isn’t half bad, with a good range of line bet variation inviting most players. On top of this there is the aforementioned big bet feature, which has two different levels and can be activated at any time for the increased bet amount. These big bets enable several different bonuses as well as bump the RTP from a decent 96% to an impressive 99%.

Monopoly Big Event Slot Theme

Bonus Features Across the Board

All quality slots games require at least a few bonuses to make the whole experience something unique and worthwhile to the players. For example, have a look at In Monopoly Big Event slot, there are a couple of rather interesting ones. The first of these is the Wild symbols which substitute for other game symbols to help players complete more winning combinations.

The Wild however is only really complementary to the free spins bonus features of this slot, triggered best through true big bet bonus. The first of these big bets enables increasing multipliers for 5 spins. This starts at 1 times and ends at 5 times. The slightly bigger big bet is one that triggers a wheel bonus before the 5 spins and based on that triggers 1 of 3 possibilities. The first is the aforementioned progressive multiplier, then there’s 5 spins with an unconditional 5 times multiplier on all of them, and finally 5 spins with the free spins Monopoly Big Event slot logo becoming Wild and sticky so that players are a lot more likely to win the free spins.

Monopoly Big Event Slot’s Big Event

This is the free spins bonus feature as it first includes a community chest and chance card draw phase to make the spins a little more lucrative. Collect the different cards to add free spins, multipliers and more fun and rewarding bonuses. After 3 of the same card are found the free spins begin. This makes Monopoly Big Event slot one that is hard to miss out on.