A Glance at 7 Different Gambling Personalities

7 Different Gambling Personalities

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In the 1970’s Dr. Robert Custer – a psychotherapist that held degrees from both the Ohio State University and the Case Western Reserve University – identified the 7 different gambling personalities based on his case studies of patients. Thanks to DR. Custer’s work we can identify compulsive gambling as a behavioural and psychological disorder of impulse control.

To understand this, imagine for a second that you entered a competition where you could win a Hollywood mansion. It is between you and 10 other people. Who is going to win that great prize? That minute that runs up to the lucky draw. That is what we are talking about. That feeling inside of you that is excited and nervous all at the same time. That feeling is one that is difficult to describe and that is the addiction point.

Dr. Custer gave us 7 personality types within the world of gamblers to understand their hook to the game. Just as you get people who are dependent on a bottle of wine, while others socially enjoy a glass or two.

The 7 Gamblers That We Know

Professional Gamblers see the game as more than a game. They know everything about it and are experts at playing, not risking everything on games of luck. But where luck skill work together. They understand that sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.

Conservative Gamblers are not as concerned about the game and simply gamble for the enjoyment. They usually play low stakes and small amounts and walk away when they get a win. As their objective was then reached.

Escape Gamblers are not necessarily good or bad at the game. They play the game to escape their circumstances, be it loneliness or fear of going home or simply dealing with difficult issues. Generally once the issue is solved, they stop gambling.

Escape Gamblers

Casual Social Gamblers are simply in it for the social event that it creates for them. They usually have a monthly budget for gambling. To them it is not about the win or loose, it is simply about the social interaction that they get with other people.

 Serious Social Gamblers are almost a blend of casual social and professional gamblers. They understand the games but because gambling is their only leisure time activity. Their gambling budget is bigger than their casual cousin as they spend all their free time at the casino.

 Personality Gamblers are experts in the game that they choose to play. They have studied everything from the game to the players and simply has to win every time. This makes illegal gambling a thrill for them and can be often be found in shade places and situations.

 Compulsive Gamblers are by far the most dangerous personality and consists of those that are simply addicted to the act of gambling. When their money runs out, they will sell their belongings to have more money to carry on gambling.

If you enjoy gambling like playing mobile blackjack, make sure you know which personality type you fit into.