Soccer Slots at a Glance Online

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Online video slots have become increasingly complex over the past couple of years – which does make things more interesting but can also intimidate less experienced players. This is probably why 1×2 Gaming put together the Soccer Slots slot.

There are absolutely no added extras in the Soccer Slots slot – no free spins, no scatter or wild symbols, no bonus features, or multipliers – just three reels, three rows, and 11 paylines. What could be simpler?

The Prefect Pitch for an Online Slot

There are few genres as popular as sports when it comes to online sports theme. And the most popular sport in the world is, of course, football – or, as it is known in some parts of the world, soccer.

1×2 Gaming has brought together these two favourites in the Soccer Slots slot, taking great care for all elements to reflect the theme based on the Beautiful Game. The background of the Soccer Slots slot reels is a grassy green soccer pitch. Part of a soccer ball is visible behind the reels, which also look like strips of leather from a soccer ball.

The theme music for the Soccer Slots slot compliments the visuals and, with its electronic tones, gives Soccer Slots slot players the impression that they are playing a soccer game on their games console or PC. Every time a winning Soccer Slots slot combination is scored, a large crowd can be heard roaring its approval.

In keeping with the simplicity of all the game’s other elements, the Soccer Slots slot symbols do not become animated at any point, nor are there any animated bonus sequences.

Coin Values and Betting Range

Players may jog onto the Soccer Slots slot playing field at a minimum cost of 0.01 credits. Coin values, however, may go as high as 0.05 credits and players may wager up to five coins per line. This brings the Soccer Slots slot max bet per spin to 27.50 credits.

This betting low range game is another feature that makes the Soccer Slots slot well-suited to less experienced online video slots players.

Symbols in Play in the Soccer Slots Slot

An assortment of theme-appropriate symbols is also featured in the Soccer Slots slot and adds the finishing touch to the football feel of these reels. The main Soccer Slots slot symbols include a black-and-white striped referee’s jersey, a red player’s jersey, a set of goal posts, a red card, a yellow card, a winner’s trophy, a referee’s whistle, an overview of a soccer pitch, and a soccer ball.

The majority of the Soccer Slots slot symbols pay out for just two appearing together on an active payline but the more valuable ones – the pitch, goal posts, ball, and trophy – require the full three for a win to occur.

The smallest possible Soccer Slots slot payout of 14 coins comes from landing two of the referee jerseys. Meanwhile, landing three trophy symbols will see players score the Soccer Slots slot jackpot of 200 coins.