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Let’s Do It Again Movie

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The theme of gambling has been used in many films over the year. Whether illegal or legal, gambling has been a part of society for hundreds of years and will continue to do so. This is also true of sports betting. Ever since the first major sporting matches took place, people have been betting on the results. Boxing is one sport where betting is can be tricky. Bettors can place a bet on a straight win as well as bets on who will land the first punch, will it be a knock out or how many rounds the match will last. One film that involved boxing betting was the classic 1975 American film “Let’s Do it again.”

A Classic Bill Cosby Film

The film starred the Oscar winning Sidney Poitier as well as the comic genius Bill Cosby before he became famous for his role in the classic sitcom the Cosby’s. Let’s Do it again is set in Atlanta where two blue-collar workers get involved in some serious shady sports betting deals. The two main characters are Clyde Williams (played by Poitier) and Billy Foster (played by Cosby). Clyde works as a milkman and Billy works in a factory. The two friends are members of the Sons and Daughters of Shaka, a local Fraternal Lodge. The pair are given the task of raising funds for the Lodge’s old age home.

Rigging the Boxing Match

The action in “Let’s do it again” starts when a middleweight boxing match is scheduled to take place in New Orleans and Billy (Cosby) has a brainstorm. His idea is to fix the fight and make loads of cash as a result. The way they plan to fix the fight is to use Clyde’s hypnotising skills to put the whammy on the underdog and convince him that he is a prize fighter. The two bet the Lodge’s building fund on the fight with odds of 5:1. The two then take their wives to New Orleans on a surprise vacation. While in New Orleans, the two intercept the scrawny underdog Bootney Farnsworth and hypnotise him to believe that he is an unbeatable prize fighter that feels no pain.

Let’s Do It Again Movie Details

Doing it Again

When the fight takes place in “Let’s do it again”, the poor hypnotised underdog (Farnsworth) goes on to defeat the reining champ, 40th Street Black and win the fight. With the win, the two friends clean up at the bookmakers. They return to Atlanta and put the ordeal behind them. Meanwhile a pair of thugs who lost money on fight, follow them to Atlanta and figure out they rigged the fight. They track the two down and threaten to kill them if they don’t fix the fight again. Given no other option the decide that its time “Let’s do it again”. But unable to get into Farnworth’s dressing room to dehypnotise him, the two resort to hypnotising the champ. They then bet that the fight will be a draw. Both fighters end up knocking each other out at the same time and the draw bets are paid. And if you are interested in boxing betting too, you can do online at various sites like at https://bettingonlinesports.net.au/boxing/ in Australia.