Review of Baccarat Casino Card Game

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For many people, playing casino games online is easier and quicker than driving to a land based casino. There are many benefits when it comes to playing online but for most people, the biggest benefit is being able to play any casino card or table game for free at any time. This means that players can try their hand at complicated games like poker or blackjack worrying about how much they are winning or losing while the play. This is especially true for the game of baccarat. This popular casino card game is played land based casinos all over the world. As a high risk – high reward game, it is the perfect type of game for online players.

Punto Banco Baccarat

In land based casinos, there are two main versions of the game, the first is Chemin de fer which is the classic French version and then there is Punto Banco. In Chemin de fer, each player around the table takes a turn at being the banker and sets the betting for the round. The most popular version of baccarat at Fair Go Casino is Punto Banco. As opposed to Chemin de fer, in Punto Banco, the casino plays the role of the banker in each round. The online version of the game is played in much the same way as you would play in a land based casino.

Betting in Baccarat

The game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table. In Baccarat, there are three betting options. Players can either bet on themselves, on the dealer or on a tie. The aim of the game is to get the highest number of points possible using the cards you have been dealt. Once the player has placed their bet, the dealer will deal the player two cards and himself two cards. In Punto Banco, all the cards 2 through to 10 are worth their face value, the jack, queen and king are worth 10 points and the ace is worth a single point.

Calculating your Points

In baccarat, the way to calculate your points is to add the point numbers of the two cards and drop the first digit. If either the dealer or the player has been dealt a natural hand, the round ends and the bets are paid out. A natural hand is a two card hand that totals either 8 or 9. If neither the player nor the dealer has a natural hand, the player then has the option of selecting a third card. The dealer also has the option of selecting a third card. In land based casinos, there are specific third card rules that apply to both the player and the dealer.

Winning Bets

In the online version of baccarat, the computer will automatically determine if the player or the dealer qualifies for a third card. After the third card rules are completed, the cards are revealed and the bets are paid out. For a winning player bet, the player is paid out 1:1. For a winning dealer bet, the banker takes a commission and the payout is 0.95:1. A tie bet is the most profitable bet with a payout of 8:1.