What to Expect

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You can expect to be welcomed. We look forward to having you join us. When you arrive there will be a greeter at the door to shake your hand, orient you to our church, and point you in the right direction.

You can expect to feel safe.There is no pressure on you at The Church of the Apostles. We are just glad that you are coming. Come and see, hear, and experience. If you have questions we are here to answer, but no one will pressure you, judge you, ask you to speak, or ask you to give money. Just come and see.

You can expect us to be casual. People come dressed in different ways everything from shorts to knit shirts to the occasional tie. It does not matter what you wear. We are casual also in our conversation and interaction. You'll fit right in.

You can expect your kids to be well taken care of. We put a high priority on the care and programs for children at our church. Check out the Children's Ministry page to learn more.

You can expect our worship to be uplifting and dynamic with a sermon that is relevant to your life. There are elements of the service that are rooted in the 2,000 year history of the church and elements that are much more contemporary. Check the Our Worship page to learn more.

You can expect to meet new friends. We are an open and welcoming community. We were all new once, but it does not take long to start to feel at home.  We truly want you here.

You can expect to meet Jesus Christ. You will hear about the life changing Good News of Jesus Christ at The Church of the Apostles. We will sing about it, talk about it, preach about it, and give thanks to God for it. We are a people transformed by Jesus wanting to bring transformation to the community in which we live.  God is real.  You can meet him here.

Worship Service Sundays 10:00am

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Recent Sermon

Wash My Feet? John 13:1-15

April 13, 2017

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