Spot a Problem Gambler with These Mentioned Points

Spot a Problem Gambler

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Gambling can be a very addictive past time. This is in part thanks to the thrill that wining real money supplies.

With online casinos, it can be even more difficult to curb problem gambling behaviour. If you or a loved one is concerned about problem gambling, there are a few tell tale signs to look out for.

Lying to Friends or Family

Usually lying about your gambling is the first step down the road of problem gambling. When you feel the need to disguise the truth to avoid embarrassment it is a bad sign.

If you are embarrassed by your gambling activity, it should be changed to more positive behaviour.

Borrowing Money

Gambling when you do not have the funds for it is the start down a very dangerous road. When y0pu or loved one starts to borrow money in order to bet online, there are serious problems.

It reflects poor money management, chasing losses and wagering more than you can afford, all three deadly sins for a gambler.

Being Unable to Stop or Schedule

It is important to set specific times for your online gambling like at If you are unable or unwilling to schedule your online casino gaming, then you could have a gambling problem.

The irrational behaviour towards gambling restrictions is generally a bad sign that there may be serious problems for the individual.

Unable to Stop Gambling

Chasing Streaks or Losses

When you have spent the majority of your gaming budget yet you still believe you can keep going and win it all back in one sitting, it’s already a very dangerous train of thought.

There is no such thing as lucky streaks or turn of good luck after bad luck. Online casino gaming is guided by random number generator software so keep in mind when you play online blackjack games or any other.

This software provides proven random results time and time again, so chasing lucky streaks simply is a fallacy.

Managing Your Gambling

There are a few methods players can use to curb their gambling before it becomes an issue. The first step is realising that your gambling habits are becoming destructive.

Once you have gotten to that point you can take steps to address your problem.

Never try and deal with something like gambling addiction alone. There are various methods of support available out there and many people that fully understand what you are going through.

Telephonic Helplines

Most online casinos advertise dedicated help lines for problem gamblers or their loved ones. These help lines are in place to provide support, advice and direction in dealing with problem gambling.

Not all sites features these numbers and it should also be noted where the site is based as they generally offer local numbers.

If you are a New Zealand resident playing at a Casino ghosted in the UK, they will more than likely advertise British helpline numbers so check before you call to avoid big phone bills.

Applications and Account Settings

Most modern, reputable online casinos will give you the option to apply specific account settings so that you can gamble responsible and within limits.

There are daily, weekly and monthly gambling limits you can set that can apply to wagering, deposits or more.