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The moment you drink our coffee, you will notice something excellent has come together. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee ™ is grown in Rwanda and is cultivated by hand to ensure only the best beans make it into your cup. We invest in this brew from the farmers who harvest the beans in Bukonya, Rwanda, to the artisan roaster who small-batch roasts them in Roswell, Georgia.

The beans in a bag of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee™ travel more than 8,000 miles just to make it into your cup. Each one is hand picked on a Rwandan farm, travels down a bumpy dirt road to the coffee washing station, and is sorted five times before voyaging across the whitecaps of the Atlantic Ocean to our roasting house. When they arrive in Roswell, Georgia, the beans are roasted in small batches by an artisan roaster for what will undoubtedly be one of the best cups of coffee you ever taste.

Our 100% Arabica, naturally-grown specialty coffee comes from two farming cooperatives in Rwanda: the Buf Café Cooperative and the Coadeka-Bukonya Cooperative. Buf Café, formed in 2006, provides work for more than 2,000 farmers. Owned by Epiphanie Mukashyaka, a widow who became Rwanda's first female entrepreneur after the genocide, Buf Café has two locations in southern Rwanda. The coffee is cultivated at an altitude between 1785 meters and 1945 meters. Land of a Thousand Hills has a special interest in the Coadeka-Bukonya Cooperative. Formed in 2007, this cooperative has only 110 farmers in its membership. Bukonya, a northern region of Rwanda, was left out of nearly all reconciliation efforts after 1994 genocide. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee™ was the first organization to implement economic and community development. The cooperative, presided over by Pastor Murindahabi Ildephonse, cultivates its beans at altitudes between 1735 meters and 1750 meters. Although the region is now called Muzo, Gakenke, "Build Bukonya" is still an active project of Land of a Thousand Hills.

The geographic distance is not the only thing that makes this coffee amazing. The altitude and fertile volcanic soil, although exotic, are not the only factors that make our coffee good. The true distance of these beans, the real journey, is that they traveled a road of forgiveness. Coffee beans from Land of a Thousand Hills represent reconciliation. In the same way you come together with friends over a cup of coffee, farmers torn apart by genocide are coming together in their coffee-growing community, are learning to forgive, and are restoring the relationships that once divided their country. Great healing is taking place. For Hutus and Tutsis, orphans and mothers, reconciliation is becoming 3D.

But that's not the only way our coffee does good. In an effort to change the coffee industry--one of the most exploitative in the world--Land of a Thousand Hills participates in Community Trade, a term we coined to mean Directly Traded, paid for with higher-than-Fair Trade wages, and where investment in the farming community is our top priority. We believe that by paying our coffee growers just, living wages and supporting economic and community development in the region, not only does the region thrive with higher quality coffee, justice is pursued. Our special projects include building a sustenance farm for the region's malnourished orphans, creating soccer programs to promote community and coffee education, giving microfinance loans to entrepreneurs, lending coffee bikes to ensure safer and more efficient travel, and donating shoes to farmers and their families.

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August 20, 2017

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