Where does Apostles meet?

We have just built a new building in Grays Creek at the corner of Chicken Foot Rd. and H. Bullard Rd.  Click here for our gathering times and directions to our buildling.


What does Apostles believe?

You can read about our Core Values and our beliefs here.


Why is the church called The Church of the Apostles?

The word "apostle" means one who is sent.  We believe that we share the same message of Jesus' original Apostles in that we believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we believe that we share their same mission in taking that message to the world.

What kind of programs are offered for my children?

Children are not an afterthought here.  We very much recognize the importance of  raising our kids to be disciples of Christ and to be future leaders in the church.  We have a staff member dedicated to the discipleship, safety, and community of our children. Our Children & Youth Ministries servant team leaders and their teams work hard to make creative, fun, and educational programs for our children.  You can read more about them here.  On Sunday our children begin the service with us, then go to their own area for a special time of worship geared just for them called Little Church. Then they come to back to share in Communion with us at the end of the service.  You can rest assured your kids will be loved, instructed, and kept safe at Apostles.

What kind of church is The Church of the Apostles?

We are an Anglican church.  If you are not familiar with what Anglican is, we are part of a worldwide community of over 60 million Christians with churches on every continent (except Antarctica!).  We trace our historical roots to England and the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.  You can read more about our affiliation here.

What do I wear?

We are really casual here.  You can wear anything from shorts and jeans to something more dressy.  Whatever, we don't care.  Just come as you are in the way you feel most comfortable.

What's expected of me when I show up?

Nothing.  Just show up.  No, you do not have to give money.  No, you will not have to speak.  Just come on in, be welcomed by our Connectors, have a seat and see what God is doing.  Afterwards we have some coffee and snacks and we would love for you to stick around if you want to.  We look forward to getting to know you.  Here is some more info that might help.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

Sure, if you have one and want to that's great.  If not, there is one waiting for you under the seat you'll be sitting in.

Can I take Communion at Apostles?

In keeping with Christian theology and tradition, anyone who is a baptized believer in Jesus Christ can take part in Communion.  If you are not yet a believer or have not yet been baptized you are welcome to come forward and our Pastor will say a prayer for you, or you can remain seated until you get comfortable about coming up.  No worries.  No pressure. 

Other Questions?

Let us know.  We'd be glad to hear from you.


Worship Service Sundays 10:00am

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Recent Sermon

Wash My Feet? John 13:1-15

April 13, 2017

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